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PhD Information Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Joseph Podlesnik
What about funding? How does one find full financial assistance for the program?My training is in drawing and painting, but have migrated to photography. I'm interested in ideas around creativity involving thinkers such as Edward DeBono (and lateral thinking), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Arthur Koestler (his idea of "bisociation", the merging of surprising/ unrelated disciplines and frames of reference). I'll be contacting the financial aid dept for assistance with the degree.Roughly how many candidates will be admitted to the degree program? I just heard "9 cohorts", thanks.
Scott S
how long is the average degree/program?
Thank You Jonathan & Mary - it has been so enlightening and thank you Abel & Jessica - I've only spent 45 mins listening to you and feel personally excited about your goals and rooting for your purpose to be realized so very soon!
Joseph Podlesnik
Thank you!!
Bucher, Jasmine
Thank you!
Charmaine Al Mulaifi
Thank you!